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What do you mean, learning styles aren’t real??

on September 19, 2014

Today a classmate of mine in my instructor diploma course shared this link and gave me a rude awakening: what?? Learning styles aren’t real??

So, it turns out, some studies show that learning styles (for example, visual vs. auditory vs. kinesthetic) are nothing more than a debunked myth. All that time spent on identifying and analyzing learning styles of my students, different in every class… all my time spent modifying instructional strategies to appeal to all learning style: assigning text readings and generating graphs for my visual learners, recording podcasts for my auditory learners, orchestrating hands on activities for my kinesthetic learners… all that was for nothing?! *sigh*

Think of all I could have accomplished in that time… all the Facebook posts I could have made, hours of cat videos I could have watched (and then posted on FB), the homework for my course I could have done….

I wonder what else I believe to be true is actually an educational myth. Better do some research. Just one more cat video first.


2 responses to “What do you mean, learning styles aren’t real??

  1. Silvia TIC says:

    Hi Elaine, I truly enjoyed reading your posts…they are short, crisp and many times funny, which makes them really engaging…I wish I could write for you, my posts are more “philosophical” and sometimes really long…I can’t help it!
    I was the one posting the myth of the learning styles…it was fun reading your reaction to it here. The good news is that UDL is a way to rescue all that work you have done to adapt to your learners’ different styles…while “learning styles” don’t exist, differences in how we learn do (confusing, right?), so no more cat videos watching I guess (BTW, I confess I watch some of those as well, they relax me after a heavy day, and I love cats!)


  2. missdotty says:

    Thank you Silvia! You’re right, it’s hard to keep it short! And thank you for opening my eyes to the truth about learning styles!


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