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The Joys of Training Toys

on September 24, 2014

training toys 2


Check it out! I found these little guys on sale for just a dollar per package of five at Target! The great care and time that I spend picking out the perfect training toys for my classroom is perhaps something that only another trainer could understand… some of my hard-to-meet criteria include requirements that the toys must:

  • be noiseless, unless for a particular purpose that requires noise, like buzzers for contests which then all need to make a different noise so I can tell them apart, but the noises also all have to be equally loud to be fair (see? I wasn’t kidding about serious criteria);
  • be able to be sanitized (I even wash my playdoh);
  • be durable enough that they will last at least one month, but not good enough quality that students will steal them, making me a frequent shopper at Walmart, Dollarama and Target;
  • contain fiddly parts for those learners who can’t concentrate if their hands aren’t occupied… you know, the pen-clickers, beer bottle label peelers, coaster rippers. I used to call them kinesthetic learners but now I can’t ever since I’ve read that learning styles aren’t real (see previous post).

Don’t believe in the power of training toys? Check out this article that outlines how training toys can enhance a positive learning environment. I wasn’t convinced before either, until one day I forgot to bring my toys to a workshop and boy did I hear it! Then again, if toys are so exciting to my students maybe that’s saying something about my facilitation rather than the toys. Hmmm. Well who would not get excited about these?

training toys



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