Dotty Andragogy

The amusing musings of an adult educator in the corporate training world.

Who is Miss Dotty?


adjective \ˈdä-tē\


Definition of DOTTY

a :  mentally unbalanced :  crazy
b :  amiably eccentric <a dotty old teacher>
:  being obsessed or infatuated <dotty about adult learning>
:  amusingly absurd :  ridiculous <sharing her dotty ideas with you>
dot·ti·ly adverb
dot·ti·ness noun

Well that sounds like me alright!

I am a corporate trainer for a national organization in the hospitality industry, which will remain unnamed because this blog reflects only my own dotty opinions and musings, not theirs. That is my not-so-subtle disclaimer, no lawsuits please.

The purpose of this blog is an outlet for me to share my reflections on teaching and learning, because in front of the classroom I have to keep my crazy thoughts to myself. I succeed in doing that most of the time. Hopefully my readers in the field of adult education might be able to relate to these stories, find some humour in them, and know that they are not alone.


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